Clogau Beads Womens Silver 9ct Rose Gold Lovespoon Barrel Milestones Bead Charm Kw4gEmR3T

Clogau Beads Womens Silver 9ct Rose Gold Lovespoon Barrel Milestones Bead Charm Kw4gEmR3T
Clogau Beads Womens Silver 9ct Rose Gold Lovespoon Barrel Milestones Bead Charm
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One small tweak to your workflow can help: Instead of viewing the current week, view the week that starts today.

This Today Plus Six view is more relevant and useful as you work.

It’s easier to find today. Today is always the first day shown. No more searching for the red dot to figure out where you are. Today is always in the same place.

It’s easier to find today.

You feel a better sense of progress. Do you ever feel like the week drags on? It’s no wonder—your calendar only changes once every seven days! Without a feel of the passing of time, it’s easy to feel like there’s no urgency. When the calendar updates every day and you can see things coming, you can feel the progress. Today’s a new day with new challenges.

You feel a better sense of progress.

You can see the approaching landscape. As you travel, the GPS continually updates to show you the approaching turns and intersections. To stay productive, you need the same regulary-updated information.

You can see the approaching landscape.

See how one week connects with the next. The week is a great unit to plan around, but it’s not isolated. This is easier to see if you think of the work week: the gap between Friday and Monday is the same as the gap between Thursday and Friday.

See how one week connects with the next.

If you also turn off weekends, you can see your work calendar go from Thursday to Friday, then straight to Monday, then Tuesday and Wednesday. It changes your perspective when you see the weeks abut like that.

To set up Today Plus Six:

If you use this computer for work, there are two more things you’ll want to adjust:

These will help keep your work calendar focused on work and give a great sense of continuity. Now if there were just a way to remove work hours to create a similarly focused home calendar perspective…

By viewing the week as today plus the next six (or four) days, we have a more dynamic view of the week. Instead of a folding map, we have a GPS to guide us through the week. Your calendar is one of the most important productivity tools you have; make sure it’s showing you the right things.

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Everything you need to know about is Pinterest Analytics simple: Don’t use them.

Instead, read this blog by Tailwind about Pinterest Analytics because you’ll be surprised what you’ll find.

Before you head that way, I have a couple of thoughts on the post that I’d like to share. First of all, Pinterest is really the game changer everyone keeps telling you it is. While I believe it should only be one tool of many in your business toolbox, Pinterest is still incredibly powerful. It’s not just for food bloggers, travel bloggers, or DIY.

I’ve used it to grow my business, and my email list. One of the ways I’ve been able to grow my business so well is by using Pinterest Analytics. Of course, I had to figure it all out myself (on account of being stubborn and poor at the time) but you don’t have to!

Tailwind’s Ultimate Guide to Pinterest Analytics is a fascinating and incredibly detailed read, so if you want the TL;DR version, it’s this:

Tailwind’s Ultimate Guide to Pinterest Analytics

Okay, Tailwind’s article doesn’t say this at all, but here’s what’s currently happening on my analytics:

It’s been like this for over a week (as of this post) but I’m still receiving my usual amount of traffic from Pinterest. So as long as you’re combining your findings with a more reliable source (like Google Analytics ) don’t stress if suddenly your numbers don’t make sense.

Google Analytics

One of the great things about Pinterest Analytics is that it’ll show you what people who are engaging with your content are also engaging with. Under the “people you reach” tab, there is a second tab called “interests” and you can see all sorts of things your pinners are also pinning. To keep your audience engaged (if it’s within your niche to do so), you can start curating future content ideas from this section. Tailwind’s post gets into a little more detail about that.

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